Palmtrees at Lalandia waterpark

Biotech palmtrees at Lalandia waterpark

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We build your trees and palms after your design

by Tommy on februari 5, 2017

You give us the total hight of the tree :

Where the tree crown shall start on the trunk:

Diameter on the trunk:

If it will be plain trunk or twisted trunk

Send e-mail and get a quotation from our designers .

Artificial Plant Walls for inn and outdoor use.

by Tommy on november 6, 2016

Artificial Green Plant Walls are also suitable for interior placement. Cover a whole wall or use the panels individually as wall art pieces. The light weight panels can be attached to all surfaces. Fire rertadent and antistat treatment against dust  are available.

Plantwall 2015-04-04-14-53-07-2 2015-04-04-14-53-13-2 2015-04-04-14-53-22-2 2015-05-15-19-17-31-2 2015-05-15-19-17-40-22014-12-13-14-28-26-2 2014-12-13-14-28-32-2 2014-12-14-15-47-18-22015-08-13-17-37-45 2015-08-13-17-39-22-2 20151009_140736-2 20151124_132043-2 20151124_140711-22015-10-21-11-32-00-2factory_price_plant_wall_artificial_plant_wall high_imitation_new_style_evergreen_artificial_plant-2 high_imitation_new_style_evergreen_artificial_plant Jpeg Jpeg supplier_hot_sale_top_quality_artificial_plant-2 supplier_hot_sale_top_quality_artificial_plant vaxtvagg-referens

Unique bonsai tree in top quality

by Tommy on augusti 3, 2016

oliv-bonsai körsbärsträd Cerry bonsai 20160306_130850 20160306_130850 (774x800) 2016-03-07 10.56.41 (800x788) 2016-03-07 10.56.32 (725x800)

Körsbärs bonsai

Körsbärs bonsai

2015-11-28 11.12.19 (2) 2015-11-28 11.11.20 (2) 2015-11-28 11.11.16 (2)

Pittosporum Bonsai

Pittosporum Bonsai

2015-06-30 17.03.05 (2) 2015-06-30 17.02.42 (2) 2015-02-19 13.55.00

Green month bonsai

Green month bonsai

2013-09-21 13.43.48 (600x800) 2013-09-21 13.41.03 (641x800) 2013-08-25 15.20.59

Oliv bonsai

Oliv bonsai

Cypress bonsai

Cypress bonsai

Ficus bonsa

Ficus bonsa


Pandus Bonsa

Pandus Bonsa

Oliv Bonsai

Oliv Bonsai

Warning about Brook Plants & Landscaping in Dubai!

by Tommy on september 11, 2010

If you are planning on doing business with Brook Plants & Lanscaping in Dubai, please read this first. The article is on our other site,

Read more here.

Video presentation

by Tommy on september 9, 2010

About Biotech Tropical Plants

The latest technology for outdoor plants and plantscaping

Biotech Tropical Plants are proud to present a totally new technology for outdoor palmtrees and plantscaping.

Read more about our outdoor plants and palmtrees.

Preserved plants for all environments

Biotech Tropical Plant provides a vast number of preserved and replica greenery to customers all over the world. Our preservation technique is unique and completely environmentally safe.

Our products include palm trees, palm bushes, bonsai trees and other arrangements that have been beautifully restored and preserved as well as incredibly authentic replica plants and trees.

Biotech Tropical Plants are perfectly grown from the day they are installed, they are easy to assemble and they will virtually eliminate your maintenance costs.

Design solutions

Alongside with offering you the world's largest assortment of preserved plant species Biotech Tropical Plants can be your partner in your plantscape design projects.

Biotech Tropical Plants are specialized in plantscaping for hotels, offices, restaurants and other facilities such as bathingfacilities and more.