Preservation technique

Preserved plants – a general description

What are they? Are they really completely maintenance free? Will they never die? The answers are coming, just read on.

Please note, what follows is a description of how Biotech Tropical Plants prepares their preserved plants.

Other companies that are in the business of preserving plants might use other techniques and consequently might not achieve the same results as we do with our preservation techniques.

What is a preserved plant?

To make a preserved plant you need some kind of natural plant material, for example branches from a birch or leaves from a palm tree. You also need something that serves as a trunk.

Biotech Tropical Plants trees come with a number of different trunks, some are real and others are manufactured.

You can for example get an authenic looking palm tree with a trunk made from parts of coconut shells. Moving on, you need something to ”glue” the leaves or branches onto the trunk.

Biotech Tropical Plants has developed a special foam that will let you manage the glueing process very easily. Finally, you need some kind of material that will let you mount the trunk into a pot or other container. Biotech Tropical Plants use their own foam material for this purpose.

The secret preservation process

Biotech Tropical Plants uses two different preservation methods, one for when the leaves or branches are

dry and completely dead and another for when the plant material still is green.

The palm leaves or tree branches are put through a series of preservation steps where they soak up a number of different solutions through a period of time.

During these steps the deterioration process of the plant material slows down and finally comes to a complete stop.

The final result are healthy-looking leaves with a deep, green color. All chemicals used during the preservation process are completely environmentally safe and so will the preserved plant material be.

Do they last for ever?

In theory the preserved leaves and branches should last for ever, but that is very hard to accually prove. Biotech Tropical Plants will simply say that the leaves and branches will last for a very, very long time.

One of the first leafs Biotech Tropical Plants preserved, twenty years ago (they then worked under a different name) came from a phoenix palm tree and this leaf is still healthy green.

Plant designs that suit every customer’s individual requirements

For large design projects as well as for shipments to end users the Biotech Tropical Plants plants arrive disassembled. This is cause for a flexible design of plantscapes and individual plants.

Assembling the plant material so that it becomes a finished product is not a very difficult task.

To aid in the assembly process Biotech Tropical Plants has developed a special foam that allows you to stick the leaves and branches onto the trunk. The same foam serves as a stable foundation for the trunk.

There is no need for regular maintenance

The finished product is a plant that looks and smells just like a living plant but does not the need for regular maintenance.

The only thing you will have to do to keep the plant looking healthy and shiny green is to treat it, once every five or six months, with the Biotech Tropical Plants Cleansing Spray, which keeps dust and nicotine off.

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